I am so pleased to have been able to create the motion graphic marketing toolkit for Empire on Fox.  From outdoor marketing to special on-air graphic spots, this look proved itself to be versitile so we could conform it as the marketing evolved.  Here's how it all went down....
Produced at Fox
Design Director: Ian MacRitchie
Design & Animation: Dan Pierse
This was the first design exploration for the outdoor motion marketing.  There's a struggle for power at the pinnacle of success, trying to create a sense of decadence and tension.  Modeled/dynamics in Cinema 4D and comped in After Effects.  The marketing approached changed before this look went into production, however below is a render test, really liked how it came out.
Here's a small compilation of the on-air promo elements I created. A continuation on from the outdoor marketing, our team shot some incredible footage of exploding records which I treated and composited to create the animations. It was a challenge to create so many unique animations for the toolkit, which is then conformed to custom edits for on-air.
There was a huge amount of roto, matchmoving and eyeballing to be able to get all the seperate elements together.  Below is a still of the gold record before it merges back together again.  It was a complete record, merged with some glass elements which I cut and matched in AE to the movement of the shattered pieces.
Here's some footage stills of the hi-speed footage that was used to comp together...
And here's an array of the different elements that were made for the toolkit...
Sometimes we get requests for custom spots like this one.  Taking the promo package further, this time adding footage to the shards to match the VO and integrating review cards.
Hope you like, it was about a month solid of work and so pleased to see it on the air finally...the fact the show is getting huge ratings makes it even better!
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