Empire Season 5
Broadcast Design Refresh 

As Empire entered it's 5th season, I was tasked in developing a refresh to the broadcast package.  Since the creative was maintained across seasons (I developed the original look for the first season, and the talented Julie Zack did a great refresh for the second season), an approach needed to be developed where the look could be modernized yet still feel born from the same idea.  Up to this point, all the record shards were footage based so it was decided to replace all the hero shards with 3D versions.  This helped as we could better art direct the layout and movement as previous it was all what was available in the shot footage.  The logo and type was also updated to have a little more polish and to feel more expensive.
Below is a breakdown of some of the work that went into this refresh.

SVP of Design: Ian MacRitchie
Design Director / Animator: Dan Pierse
Produced at FOX

example cut and process breakdown.
before & after treatments
workflow to create custom record shards.
additional atmospheric elements alway make the composite more rich.  houdini smoke development.
Thank you!
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