Empire Season 5 - Outdoor Motion Marketing

These are special promos we build for a a screen in Times Square dubbed "Godzilla" which has 15,000 square feet of signage.  This concept was created by Jesse Hallas to show that for Season 5 of Empire it's a united Cookie and Lucious against all.  Jesse flew to Chicago to shoot the talent with a custom made 3D printed chess board, designed by our talented ZBrush modeler and designer, Ramona Clarke, which you can see more about the development on her portfolio here:
Many elements and disciplines came together to get the drama we had hoped for with this piece.

Produced at FOX
Design Director: Jesse Hallas
Art Director & Design/Animation: Dan Pierse
Modeler: Ramona Clarke
Animation/Production: Marco Oryx

Finished Piece

Godzilla Screen In Times Square
Knowing how much post work would need to be done, it was important to get a locked down animatic as a base of reference for timing and shot selection.  Since we had quite a few digital double shots, it was great to be able to see the scope for them in terms of build, complexity, and length.  Below is the animatic of the raw footage and playblast 3D inserts.

Once we knew which shots needed work (all of them!) we delegated responsibilities amongst our team.  Below is the hand rig for the "challenger" to be used in the digital double insert shots.
full rez hand render c4d + arnold
The edit called for completely generated scenes in which we used the rigged hand and Ramona's chess piece models to move forward the narrative of the piece.  Below is an example of how one of these shots came together.
Finally, here's an example of how we needed to treat footage and merge together different takes to get the moments we needed.
Thanks for watching!
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