FOX Affiliate Syndicated Show Toolkit

I believe FOX has over 200 hundred affiliate that carry FOX programming during primetime.  They are responsible for for the other 22 hours in the day and they source programming for other studios.  FOX, as a network, wanted to keep the overall network look consistent across all broadcast and since every affiliate is different in their programming, a catch-all toolkit needed to be devised to assist in that consistency.  The task was to keep it as straight-forward and turnkey as possible.  My duties included design and animation as well as figuring out the talent imagery template.  Ramona Clarke carried out the tune-in type toolkit that worked hand in hand with the imagery as well as compiling and troubleshooting the entire toolkit.

VP of Design: Ian MacRitchie
Art Direction, Design & Animation: Dan Pierse
Design & Animation: Ramona Clarke

Produced at FOX

Thank You!

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