I am very pleased to have been part of the great team that revised the FOX branding package.  This was a huge undertaking as FOX not only has its network programming promos, but must also provide it's affiliates with toolkits to create their own promo graphics.  This required the design process to take into account the affiliate toolkit needs and, with a lot of pre-rendering and creative After Effects scripting, address a production pipeline that would simplify the creation of these elements.
So much development went into this effort, it's hard to show everything that was done so the following is a just a selection of development and finished looks.  Specifically, I chose to share the process in creation of the FOX logo that all promos are puncuated with.  A 6 ft. tall practical FOX logo was shot to create a "projection mapped" look that we could skin in different ways.  To achieve this, a custom FOX 3D model needed to be created and matchmoved to the shot footage.  From there, a UV pass was rendered which we could use in After Effects to layer the custom animations on to the comped, treated footage.  A huge amount of work went in under the hood to get that locked down but once it was, we had a great amount a flexibility.
Creative Director: Ian MacRitchie
Art Director: Tim Devlin
Design/Animation: Dan Pierse and Jason Smart
Produced in-house at FOX
Initial exploration of being able to just layer shadow shapes to layer of footage
Some color exploration for affiliates.  Backplates that they could chose for their syndicated programming.
After some time, the shadow shape design path was abandoned to a more bright, clean look.  We knew that we would need a base look that could address the need to have color and tone variations.  We ended up having a light look for comedy and reality tv, with a dark look for dramas.  Each light and dark look also had 3 color variations, depending on which show the promo was intended for.  The following are some of the initial explorations.
Modeling, matchmoving and compositing the practical FOX logo and reflection.
Once extracted, we had the latitude to treat as we wished.
Just a small sampling of the different variations of elements we needed to create.
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