This is the second time I've gone up to Lake Powell in Utah for a houseboat trip with the family and the in-laws and again it didn't disappoint.  Something about cruising around on a boat with good food & drinks, great company and no worries.  Going for a dip when you're hot and drying off in the sun, letting the kids explore, going to sleep when it's dark and waiting up when it's light, just the simple things in life.  I took the opportunity of such amazing landscape to work on my photography and timelapse.  Learned a lot with the timelapse about flicker and aperture blending (it'll be better next time, promise!) and look forward to the next trip and taking some good pics inbetween floating in a raft under the sun.
That's not a sunset, it's a moon rising an hour after the sun went down, never seen such a bright lunar glow before.
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