Lego Masters Season 2
SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Design: Jesse Hallas
Director, Design: Dan Pierse
Michael Wynne
Daniel Robichaud
Wanting to go bigger for the second season of Lego Masters, we embarked on an ambitious mixture of custom shot footage and 3D, another incredible experience with frequent collaborator and mad scientist, Chris Webb at FXWRX.
There is a wonderful BTS page from his perspective you can check out here.

One of the things that made this special is that we got an actual Lego Master, some may say THE Lego Master, Nathan Sawaya, to create the logo out of bricks.

We laboriously built the Season One logo, 3D brick by 3D brick, so we could live in the comfort that if someone needed to build it for real, they could. Well guess what, Nathan did, and it was awesome.
We used a motion control rig to repeat the same move over multiple lighting set-ups, with the intent of once having everything roto'd, we could mix and match within the composite.
How can we get this extracted one may ask. Daniel Robichaud had a clever solution. He tracked the camera move, put in our 3D model from our first season, and then did traditional roto clean up for a great separation.
Now with the hero shot extracted, digital bricks needed to be inserted, and care was taken to make sure that all bricks are appropriately colored and treated to match the physical and practical version, thank you Roberto Chriqui, for the amazing lighting and texturing job, and also thanks to you, Michael Wynne, who handled the final comp.
There were plenty of other elements made to match the wide scope of collateral captured by FXWRX, here's just a small example of all the unique instances created.
Here's a spot with the completed graphics but to remember how fun this show is!
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