This is always the craziest time of year for us.  First comes March Development where get a bunch of pilots that we need to start branding.  Development is the operative word as most are just scripts where show names change, stories alter and there is generally no cast attached.  The visual branding usually develops as the show does and once we get to Upfronts things are (hopefully) pretty much in line.  Upfronts is where the advertisers decide which show and how much they'd like to commit through out the year, very important for a network.  The Upfronts presentation is a multi-screen event and this year we had 5 different screens to develop a look that crosses over all of them.  I was lucky enough to create the screen graphics for the performance during the Empire segment.  All the cast performed with the highlight of Jennifer Hudson belting out "Whatever Makes You Happy".  I had 3 different songs with a total of almost 6 minutes of synced graphics over 5 screens.  A huge undertaking but I am so pleased with the result.  I will post these animations soon.  For now, here's some logo development and some stills of the screen from the performance.
You can find further develop for some of these projects here: Rosewood, The GrinderScream Queens
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