Another incredible, insanely paced collaboration to create and produce a main title for FOX's Monarch in less than two weeks with no more than a few adjectives and a :07 music bed. Leaning in on custom jewelry, metal and leatherwork art as inspiration, our Team developed deeply customized letterforms and created a tension with animation to suit the narrative of who amongst the Romans with find themselves as the the benefactors of the Country Music legacy.
SVP, Visual Innovation Studio: Ian MacRitchie
VP of Design, Broadcast Graphics: Jesse Hallas
Director Of Operations: Jeff Hazan
Director, Design; Animation: Dan Pierse
Logo Design, Model and Texturing: Ramona Clarke
Design, Animation & Compositing: Julie Zack
3D Mastery & Lead: Roberto Chriqui
3D & X-Particles Development and Animation: Joel Berberena
Produced at FOX, Visual Innovation Studio
It always starts with a sketch....thank you Ramona for sketching this out and recreating your work in Z-Brush....
...and the beautiful, and also hand-drawn, butterfly form which was then carefully replicated in X-Particles by Joel....
...and the mastery of Rob Chriqui and look dev and execution and being an all 'round fantastic guy....
....and the ever impressive animation and compositing abilities of Julie Zack. Huzzah.....
We like making cool stuff. Hope you like it too.
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