Below is the design and animation development for FOX's Fall 2020 Show "NEXT". Practical elements were beautifully shot by Christopher Webb at FXWRX, with Ian MacRitchie and Jesse Hallas directing, giving artists Julie Zack and Dan Pierse a bounty of source materials. Based on the underlying theme of the immutable passage of time, all efforts were made to keep all motion clockwise and persistence of movement, and cloaked with the warmth of humanity and cold, amoral technology.

VP, Design - Ian MacRitchie
Director, Design - Jesse Hallas

Director of Operations - Jeff Hazan
Design and Animation - Julie Zack, Dan Pierse
produced at FOX
raw footage
design process supercut
design alternates
final design
first Teaser released
This Bumper was a recipient of a 2021 Bronze Promax Award
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