Another twisty road of development but so much fun to work on. The initial brief was to make something super-pop, light, pastel, stereotypical sorority, but with something off about it. I went for the bright tones but used subsurface scattering on the type to make it like a chunk of meat. A little bit of tongue texture on it and we're off to it!

Produced at FOX
Design Director: Ian MacRitchie
Design: Dan Pierse

The direction needed to be reeled back so out went pastel and in came the menacing overtones.
Below are what finally made it to the print division for their marketing purposes.  For the motion side of things, there's been some great spots done by our team with a practical logo that was shot and comped.  Check em' out!
Dance With The Devil (I designed and animated the mock "Squawker" UI)
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