The Grinder is a new show on FOX, starring Rob Lowe as a TV lawyer returning to his hometown after the end of a successful TV Series.  He ends up inserting himself into his brother's law firm, thinking by playing a lawyer on TV means he's completely qualified to be one in real life.
This was assigned to me during March Development where the pilot is not even shot yet and most of the time there's no cast either.  My first creative brief that I received was only three words, "They are brothers".  So what do you do in that situation?  Just start typesetting!  Below is the development as it progressed, I'm sure it will be revisited as it gets closer to air.
Produced at FOX
Design Director: Ian MacRitchie
Design: Dan Pierse
Here's was an exploration into a title resolve.  Had it all built with dynamics and hinges, happy when I can let the program do the work for me.
Finally learned how to build type from scratch the proper more extrude NURBS for me!
This was the FOX end page, again built with dynamics.  Had a good feel with the books bouncing off the type and falling onto the floor.
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