The Masked Singer
Broadcast Promo Design & Animation

Man, this was a fun one.  The show is already an established international property, so we needed to still keep the nutty essence of the show while still try to come up with something unique to the American version.  There was already a logo design and a color palette that came from the production company that needed to worked in but otherwise it was pretty open.  Ian, our SVP, told me to "lean in" the the overall craziness of the show and that, as a designer, are some pretty wonderful words to hear.  Initially stumped for an overall design through-line, the amazing costumes ended up being the link, pulling design interpretation for each one of the characters.  We also knew we wanted some kaleidoscope elements so we bundled all that up together and the result is something that I'm really proud of.  Ramona Clarke assisted with making a custom model of the rabbit in Z-Brush and Jason Smart walked me through the Houdini smoke for the millionth time, thanks guys!  I had a good solid amount of development time, with the intention of making all of the elements as stand-alone items that could to mixed and matched together to make endless variations.  So much fun.  Check out the show if you can, it's a lot of fun and the costumes are amazing!

SVP of Design: Ian MacRitchie
Design Director / Designer / Animator: Dan Pierse
Produced at FOX
some original design frames
drawing inspiration from the costumes
elements created to represent the characters

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