The Masked Singer Season 4

This was a very rewarding collaborative efforts between insanely talented artists to bring together something unique for the fourth season of The Masked Singer.  Building on the elements developed in the previous seasons, this process was unique as this was at the very beginning of quarantine, productions were shut down, and no costumes had been created at the time we needed to commit to a design. We had to figure out a system that relied on the  texture and style of costumes rather than anchoring to something specific.

SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Design: Jesse Hallas
Director Of Production: Jeff Hazan
Director, Design: Dan Pierse

To be honest, there is no way to credit this properly. Almost everything was touched by everyone, a perfect blend of collaboration and talent and respect.
Julie Zack, Ramona Clarke, Jason Smart
mapping out development approach
Asset Development - Ramona + Z-Brush + C4D
Asset Development - Jason + Houdini + C4D + Arnold
Tease pitch frames from Jason - houdini generated fur
texture creation - Jason + Dan + houdini + c4d + arnold
here's the tease we made with the above textures - Jason + Julie + Dan
mandala package design direction - Julie
harlequin package design direction - Ramona
selected package design direction - Ramona, Julie, Jason + Dan
here's the design in context
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