The Orville
Outdoor Motion Marketing

This was a new challenge for me, generating creative for such a giant venue as the Occulus, connected to the World Trade Center.  The campaign involved 19 different screens, one of which is 280 feet long.  Just if you are curious, that's 21360 pixels wide.  Our central theme was that the screens were windows into the world of The Orville, that the World Trade Center was actually a space station and we were looking out of an observation deck.  There was a lot of content to generate as we only had 2nd unit VFX footage of background characters and the base 3D spaceship models from the VFX department.  We recreated the environment from set picture reference and re-textured the 3D models of the spaceships.  Animating and QC-ing turned out to be a challenge, especially on the giant screen as it's almost impossible to watch the entire screen at one to choreograph animation.  Even with all those challenges I believe that we produced a great, memorable campaign.

You can also see the broadcast packaging HERE

VP of Design: Ian MacRitchie
Art Direction, Design & Animation: Dan Pierse
Design & Animation: Ramona Clarke and Jason Forman
Produced at FOX

We got the 3D model from the show's VFX department and re-textured in Cinema 4D with Arnold Renderer.
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